Enjoy the soft sands of Mole beach

Traditionally known as Praia do retiro da lagoa Praid Mole is popular for its soft sands and thus called Soft beach by many. The beach extends to nearly 950 meter and width varies from 10 meter to 120 meter. Mole beach is also known for its strong and long waves making it ideal for surfing. The beach is also a traditional point for the youth of this island. The beach is frequented by surfers and gliders who use the hillside in the south as a slope for take-off. Athletic and beautiful bodies parade the beach catching the attention of every visitor. The surf quality is regional classic and the frequency is good too. Normal length of the wave varies from 50 meter to 150 meter which fast and powerful coming from both left and right direction. The direction of wind is usually west, northwest and southwest. The swell direction is east, north, south and northeast. The wave swells from 1 meter to as high as 2.5 meter. The tides are rising and falling having low and mid-tide position. It is recommended to visit the beach on weekdays as it is not as crowded as it is on weekends. Many visitors love this beach as the waves are consistent for surfing and one of the best in Florianopolis.

As with other beaches of Florianopolis one of the characteristics of this beach is that the depth increased abruptly after few strides into the sea from the shore, so be careful. But good thing is Mole beach has got one of the best lifeguards on duty in the island. Also be ready to pay the fines if you don’t follow the rules. The green flag on the tower implies the beach is open completely including swimming but if it has a yellow flag it means it’s partially open to swimming and red flag means closed to swimming. These colour codes should be strictly followed otherwise you could be penalised.

Feeling thirsty? No worries there are lots of good small bars to the sea side. Enjoy the fresh or frozen natural juice or a bear to alleviate the heat of the sun. Starving? Again no worries as you can opt for sandwiches, fruits and meals from many small restaurants on beach side. Do not miss “VLCS”, a small bar in the direction of north coast which throbs throughout the day with carnival. There is another good bar by name Mole Blues who has an English speaking owner from Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Quiosque da Mole is popular for its fruit juices which are heavenly and also therapeutic according to many visitors. Mole beach also has one 4 star hotel called Cabanas da Praia Mole.

Mole beach is 15 km from the centre of the city and is well connected to the city during the day time but be prepared to wait for up 2 hours also after 5.30 P.M. Visitors can also drive to the beach as the access to the beach is well paved. The beach is overcrowded from mid of December to mid of March and is ok in the rest of the months.

In totality, Mole Beach is highly recommended and should be a must visit destination on itinerary if tourists are visiting Florianopolis.

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